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6 proven Benefits Of Acupuncture

Comforts your aching back

If you read scientific literature, you will come to know that acupuncture can treat chronic back pain effectively. According to a research study, people who were given acupuncture treatment instead of traditional medicine showed more improvement in symptoms. So, acupuncture is surely a good cure for back ache.

Makes medications more effective

Acupuncture can increase the effectiveness of medicines. According to a research study done in China, a light dosage of fluoxetine combined with some acupuncture treatments reduced depression by a great degree. The same results were achieved when the double amount of the same dosage were given to some patients without acupuncture treatments . Reducing the amount of dosage can also reduce the side effects of the medicine.

Soothes indigestion

Researchers have found that acupuncture can also treat heartburn and indigestion, especially in pregnant women. In a research, two groups were included. One group was given only traditional medicine for the treatment of heart burn and indigestion, while the other group was given medicine as well as acupuncture treatments. The second group shown relatively higher reduction in the symptoms.

Prevents radiation side effects

Cancer patients having radiation treatment can suffer a whole range of side effects, and it depends upon the part of the body that is receiving the treatment. Acupuncture treatments also have an impact on how people perceive the side effects of a treatment. For example, in a research, people who were given acupuncture treatment said that they experienced less severe side effects of the treatment.

Reduces persistent headaches

A review of studies related to acupuncture therapy, tension, headaches, and migraines found that acupuncture treatments can help prevent migraine and tension headaches. The only condition is that the treatments should be given on a regular basis.

Reduces obesity

Only a few people know that acupuncture treatments are also helpful for people with obesity related issues. Acupuncture is a proven treatment solution for obesity. Research done on 3,013 individuals in Korea found that the therapy can help shed those extra pounds in an easy way. However, research is still on in order to find out if the therapy can keep the weight low in long term.

So, based on the research studies done in different countries of the world, it can be said that acupuncture therapies are a reality, and that people with headaches or obesity related problems can and should get in touch with an experienced acupuncturist in order to get rid of their problems.