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Being A Handyman

I’ve been a handyman since i left school at 16, workin on building sites for a bit but mostly for myself. Believe it or not its less hassle findin my own work and i can work when i want, givin me lots of free time for other things.

These days i get loads of jobs that people are too busy to do for themselves. Window washing, mowin the lawn, you name it i’ve done it. Easy stuff really but if someone’s workin full time and lookin after the kids too they just don’t have time for any of it.

This is a page about being a handyman and how you can get into it.

Get The Right Kit 

If you’re doin a handyman job you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. Don’t expect a client to have anythin you can use except for water. If they had it themselves they wouldn’t be paying you for it!

Your kit doesn’t need to be big but you’ve got to cover all bases. Most of it isn’t even expensive. If you’re cleaning windows all you need is an extending window pole and it’ll let you do both storeys at the same time.

For gardens you just need a few basic tools and maybe a decent mower if you’re cuttin lawns. The good thing about this is you’re only goin to be using it in summer and a bit either side so you can really make a killing at that time of year.

A good pair of tree loppers is pretty essential. They make the job easy and its normally big jobs that people want doing.

Cleanin stuff like window cleaners and solutions need to be good quality. Your client will notice if you leave any muck and you won’t be goin back to that house! Do a good job and you’ve got a customer for life.

Top tip – if you can undercut their window cleaner you’re onto a winner!

Getting Clients 

A lot of my trade comes from word of mouth and i try to build a good bit of banter with my customers and ask if they know anyone who needs jobs doin. Don’t be pushy but give them advice and you’ll be ok.

Puttin a card up in the local shop can get you business, especially if you have good rates. Maybe the best way is to buy an advert in your local trade magazine. This is usually inexpensive and you can make a catchy advert that stands out. Have quotes from your customers so people know you do a good job.

Going door to door never works. I know myself when people come round asking to cut my trees down i tell them to get lost and i’m sure you do the same! Look for handyman near me and find the best handyman in your area.